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Forging Process of Lost Foam Castings


The use of lost foam casting technology can improve the quality of castings, expand the application requirements of various fields of products, accelerate the development of enterprises, complete the improvement of development and application performance, and show its development advantages with excellent functions, thereby promoting the improvement of quality and application ability. Improve the specific performance capabilities of products, improve the reflection of actual application effects in various fields, and improve the competitiveness of the company's development. Production technology has always offered companies many benefits. In terms of improving the meaning of product quality, the advantages of production and processing technology should also be used to reflect the appeal of product performance and improve the appeal of its application ability.

Therefore, the improvement of technical performance has promoted the development of the company and the improvement of product performance. Lost foam casting technology plays an important role in this link. It can also improve the quality of various products, improve their continuous development and design capabilities, and reflect continuous progress and improvement in various fields of application with rapid product performance

The following is a brief description of the lost foam casting process:

1. EPC processing technology includes pouring and riser control system design, pouring temperature control, real-time pouring control, negative pressure control, etc.

2. The pouring system plays an important role in the lost foam casting process, and is the key to the success or failure of casting production. Due to the variety of casting types and shapes, the actual production process of each casting has its own characteristics, and the difference is very large. This reason also jeopardizes the accuracy of the design results of the gating control system.

3. There are some differences between the pouring control system design and traditional sand casting. In the formulation of gating system software, the uniqueness of this process should be taken into account. The section size of each part of the gating system software is related to the size of the casting. The composition of the solid model group is related to the product quantity of each shell.

4. Most of the composition of the solid model cluster can reflect the points of the casting and the metal casting method of the lost foam casting. Due to the existence of the model group, the state of the molten metal after casting is quite different from the behavior of sand casting.


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