The Brief Introduction to Cold Formed Copper Parts

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Cold-formed copper parts refer to components made from copper or copper alloys that have been shaped into their final form through a process known as cold forming.

In cold forming, the metal is shaped at room temperature, typically through processes such as rolling, bending, drawing, or stamping. This process can produce complex shapes and tight tolerances while maintaining the strength and durability of the copper material.

Cold-formed copper parts have a wide range of applications, including electrical connectors, plumbing fittings, and automotive components. These parts offer several advantages, including high strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance, as well as excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Overall, cold-formed copper parts are an excellent choice for applications that require high performance and reliability, particularly in harsh environments or demanding operating conditions.

Youlin's cold metal forming operations provide significant benefits such as design flexibility, high production rates, repeatability, and increased component strength. We provide secondary services such as plating, painting, and heat treating in addition to multi-station cold heading. Our staff provides expertise and suggestions for appropriate materials, tolerance, and part configurations to support our customers' cost-cutting efforts and improve manufacturability.

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