What is the process of Silica Sol Investment Casting?

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Silica sol investment casting is an excellent foundry technology with numerous applications. The investment casting process consists of creating a fusible model (abbreviated as investment model or model) out of fusible materials (such as wax or plastic) and coating it with several layers of special refractory coatings. After drying and hardening to form the overall shell, the mold is melted off the shell with steam or hot water, and the shell is placed in a sand box with dry sand filled around it for molding before being placed in an oven. High-temperature baking in a dry furnace (for example, if a high-strength shell is used, the shell after demoulding can be baked directly without molding), followed by casting with molten metal. Investment castings have a relatively high dimensional accuracy, typically reaching CT4-6 (CT1013 for sand casting and CT5-7 for die casting).

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